Belated Blogs, Beets, Battlestar Galactica

Apology time! I know I said a few blogs a month, and I think I’ve managed 1.5? I know everyone trying to get an online message across some form of platform runs into this problem sometimes, so we’ll see what comes of it. I usually don’t get super inspired unless something cool in the science or scripture related fields occurs, and I’ve been fairly preoccupied with Unemployment 2016 (but that front grows and matures every day into God’s plan!) Some things I came across that I just thought about tossing around:

An astronaut who spent an ENTIRE YEAR in space recently returned safely!

Archaeologists discovered remains of a mammoth somewhere in the northern US along with what appeared to be evidence of humans (everything around 15,000 years old by the current methods.) I’m sure young earth creationists will have a field day with that one.

I recently started a devotion on Psalm 119, and the author of the book apparently memorized the whole thing! (Good job man!)

Also been contemplating career moves and industries I’d like to try my engineering brain at; we’ll see how that progresses.

I guess today’s topic could be on relativity, specifically the fact that time is relative posited by Albert Einstein. When I first dove into the theory of relativity and it’s partner theory of special relativity back in my Physics II class at LETU, it blew my mind like few things in my educational history have before. We’ll get to a shortened version of the science in a minute, but for someone whose concept of time has shifted outside the 8-5 work window, I’ve been looking at time a little different lately.

Jesus wandered in the desert for 40 days. Joseph (OT/colorful coat, not Jesus’ earth-dad) was sold into slavery and spent the majority of his adult life in Egypt, call it at least 30 years by today’s standards. By using some google-foo, I’ve found that theoretically it took Noah the better part of a century (55-75 years) to build the Ark before the water came knocking. This week will mark 2 months of unemployment and it feels like an age.

Here’s the run down on the relativity thing: time doesn’t pass like you think it does. We think of time as a constant force in the universe (and for the most part it is, don’t worry). We use it to plan our days, tell us how to cook our food, and measure everything from sporting events to science experiments. There are 60 seconds in a minute, 60 minutes in an hour, and 24 hours in a day, same as always; right? Relativity says no actually. It says something like this: imagine if there were two versions of you that were exactly the same. One of you, call them You-1, stays on Earth for a whole year. The other you, You-2 takes off in a rocket ship and flies around the earth at crazy fast speeds for that year. When You-2 gets back to Earth, technically a tiny amount of time LESS will have passed for them as opposed to You-1. It takes a long time, and a fair amount of speed, but think of it this way: a commercial airline pilot will technically be something like 32 milliseconds younger over a lifetime of flying than a version of himself that’s a construction worker/Earthbound his whole life.

That blew my mind! If that can happen in the straight up logical world that the Lord created, I see no reason why the creator himself cannot live completely outside of time itself. We do believe he’s an all-powerful being after all!

With all that knowledge though, sometimes we still doubt. I know that the Lord is working in the situation, and it’s going to be better than I can imagine! Already I’ve been able to take a trip with my lovely wife, travel across the country to visit more family and still be able to enjoy a full day off with said wife, and that hasn’t happened in a long time! I jokingly observed a ‘time distortion field’ forming around me when I was first adjusting to life outside the workforce. Honestly though, it has allowed me to take much more time to ingest and meditate the world around me, and it’s going to benefit me I know it!

Just goes to show you that when you think time seems to be moving really fast or really slow, it’s not! Well, it kind of is at the same time, but it’s all under control though don’t worry.



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