Crazy: Logic Fails Sometimes


Part of this story will relate to how my logical brain and way of thinking intersects with the spiritual realm, I know it will. For now though, allow me to extricate myself from the tsunami of the last three days to get you up to speed.

Plenty of personal content to follow, so get ready for that, but my story begins after leading worship at church one night recently. My current means of transportation was a 2002 Subaru WRX, one of my favorite cars I’ve owned and so much of my history is in it. On the drive home after church, my car started making noises I became very uncomfortable with. We’d been in the market for a new-to-us car for quite a while now, but with living paycheck to paycheck as we have been, things never really coalesced for my brain that needs 95%+ of an opportunity to pan out before I make a move.

The next day dawned, and I decided that was it. I wasn’t going to wait anymore! Today we get a car! We don’t have the perfect financing situation or opportunity to sell my car yet, but I need a reliable set of wheels to provide food and shelter for my little family. I called my supervisor and told him I needed a personal day, which was granted. After spending the morning test driving an old corolla, we took it to our trusted mechanic for evaluation. After recommending we not buy it for that price, we drove home so that my wife could prepare for her afternoon/evening shift at the vet clinic. I and our dogs came with her to continue the new car research and to hopefully find something before the end of the day.

At around 5:00pm, I found it! It was the same make/model of car we had used as a rental when we took our vacation to California to visit family this past Christmas. It wasn’t anything flashy, just a small econo-box Hyundai that gets insanely good gas mileage. I called the dealership, verified the car was available, kissed my wife, and went to test drive it. Four hours later I drove back to the vet clinic with the new car! I still need to sell mine to pay off more than 50% of the new car, but we went to bed that night thinking that we were just starting to get on top of this life thing.

The next morning, I drove to work to get back into the swing of things and figure out a next step for the car, and was laid off from my job by 10am.

Words cannot describe my feelings.

The layoffs weren’t unexpected. The Oil and Gas industry has been destroyed since early 2015, and my (former) company and others like it have been forced to make some truly difficult and gut-wrenching choices. Sure, I may never truly know the reason why I was the one picked to be let go, but that doesn’t change my situation.

Logic now completely fails me. Nothing on Earth can explain this and why this particular succession of trials and events are happening to us. However, as Christians, we’re told that life is nothing to be predicted logically. These last couple of weeks though, every song and scripture verse I’ve read have been preparing me for this. “Those who trust in the Lord will renew their strength”, “God’s power is made perfect in weakness”, and the zinger on the day I was laid off “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” REALLY????

So many of our family and friends have rallied around us, I’m truly in awe. We don’t know what our next step will be, but we know that God is planning for something so much bigger and better!

This will put a bit of a pause on what I want out of this blog, I’ll still share anything cool as I find it. However, this post definitely captures the spirit of where man’s logic just straight up falls on it’s face. Sure, we can trust in our own abilities and knowledge, things like what we can see and measure. We can be agnostic about religion because “we don’t really know”, or we can be aloof from our faith because we had a bad experience. Here’s the thing about that mindset though, it’s rooted in PRIDE. Well intended pride, but pride in our own abilities nonetheless. True understanding about our reality will only come through the lens of God and his word (and following that through the scientific facts and discoveries we currently see today, but it always points back to God!).

Here’s what I know for damn sure; if I didn’t have my God and my faith these last few days and weeks I don’t want to think what would have happened.  Things will happen you on this Earth that have no physical explanation, and I defy you to logically explain everything that happens on this planet in your own power. These next few days are very touch and go for us, but we know that we serve a great and merciful God who lives above my logic. Time to see where the journey leads next!


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