A Digital Doorway

Hello there Internet denizen!

However you came to find this page, I bid you welcome! I have NEVER blogged before, I thought that I should start to blog to get some of the things going on in my life out there. My wife and I are just your average American couple, but honestly I hope that what is posted to this page will always be of help to someone.

My goal with this page is for it to be a conduit for a life intersection that I find quite entertaining, and that is the intersection of the technical with  the philosophical/spiritual/creative. For me, that collision happens with science and the life of a professing Christian male in modern America.

I’m an engineer by trade, coming up on four years out in the “real world”, and working your average post college full time job. My goal here is to post things that I’m thinking about regarding science and technology, and frankly anything that I think is cool and want to share! I’ll link it all to Facebook somehow, because I don’t really like to get political or too deep in the weeds anywhere a comment thread can rear it’s head.

However, that being said, there’s a place for all of that. I’ve just decided it should be here instead. 🙂

One other thing I wanted to mention was the story behind the name of this blog, honestly it’s the thing that kept me off here the longest because I wanted to make sure I had a good name! It’s really important! The name flint and steel actually came up a couple of months ago, while both my wife and I were passively looking for good blog names (super lame I know). A TV show was on involving a character displaced from his era and thrust into the 21st century (Fox’s ‘Sleepy Hollow’ for you TV nerds out there) and a character made reference to flint and steel being better than a modern handgun because the old methods are the best.

Just recently, I gave some thought to that idea of flint and steel again, and something stuck with me that I think really encapsulates what I want for this blog. Nowadays, flint and steel is a must-have for any backpacker, as a tool for starting a campfire quickly and effectively; it’s a survival tool. Being an engineer, I intrinsically go one ‘nerd level’ deeper and think about it another way. Not only is it a survival tool, but it’s also modern man and his technology intersecting with the natural world.

Flint is a type of rock; a natural substance occurring in the ground. Steel is a man made material (granted, all the materials for steel are naturally provided)  with the iron ore mined from the earth and then smelted together with other carbons to form different its different alloys. I love the idea that a natural substance created by God is combined with a substance made by man (while still being inspired by God and made of natural materials that He provided) to be used for SURVIVAL in this world.

I intend for the intersection of science and theology to be a major theme in this blog, and I hope that this intersection has crossed your mind too! Science can be so cool, and so many regular people just write it off as over their heads, but I want to change that! So, here we go through this digital doorway into uncharted lands. However, I don’t want anyone to be unequipped (“It’s dangerous to go alone, take this!” – Zelda reference) so I hope that these posts can give anyone they come into contact with some survival tools to forge a path into this big, complex, wonderful, scary, sinful, beautiful and marvelous world; some flint and steel.



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