Fight Night

WARNING: This post may be controversial to some, but it’s something I’ve been thinking quite a bit about lately, and the internet’s a free space for the moment. Today is not about how science and religion can work together, that will be another post, today is trying to understand how we got into this argument […]

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Crazy: Logic Fails Sometimes

Part of this story will relate to how my logical brain and way of thinking intersects with the spiritual realm, I know it will. For now though, allow me to extricate myself from the tsunami of the last three days to get you up to speed. Plenty of personal content to follow, so get ready […]

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The Disciple of Logistics

Flash back to Bible times with me; electricity hasn’t been discovered yet, mankind was still warring with swords and shields, and Steve Jobs hadn’t yet blown collective minds with his little iPhone. I’d like to think that, had I been around, I would have been a carpenter. I took two wood shop classes in high […]

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Science & Scripture

An open letter to scientists and scripture readers;            May it first be said that I have learned to restrain my opinions in the public forum, especially when I don’t know the full story. The online world works incredibly fast and we cannot comprehend the reach of our words whether for good intent or ill. However, […]

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A Digital Doorway

Hello there Internet denizen! However you came to find this page, I bid you welcome! I have NEVER blogged before, I thought that I should start to blog to get some of the things going on in my life out there. My wife and I are just your average American couple, but honestly I hope […]

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